Olympic Movements: Ride Or Stride


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Olympic Movements: Ride Or Stride

t’s not only the athletes who need to get in training for the 2012 Games. You lot, wishing to be part of it from the stands, also need to get moving because there’s an Active Spectator programme afoot to try and persuade 100% of spectators to use public transport, cycle or walk to Olympic events.

All well and good under the banner of a sustainable Olympics of course and it’s definitely good news for cyclists and pedestrians for 2012 and beyond. Not only will existing greenway routes be spruced up, two new ones are coming connecting Finsbury Park with Hackney and the Western entrance to the Olympic site plus a new route down from Epping Forest. Plans for sufficient cycle parking at venues and smart thinking about extending the intended Parisian style cycle hire to key hubs around the Olympics are also all good news. They’ve even thought about Weymouth, although, we imagine it’ll be a harder job, persuading sailing fans to train it to Dorset, rather than jump in a comfy car and motor down the M3.

On that track, it would be good to hear some confirmation that the Olympic bigwigs will also be joining us in sustainable, public transport mode rather than bagsying urban clearways for their big, polluting cars. Donkey driven pedi-cabs are definitely a better idea.


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