Ring main tunnel extension hits ‘breakthrough’

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Ring main tunnel extension hits ‘breakthrough’

19 May 2009

By Alison Anderson

THE extension to the giant water main beneath London hit a major milestone this week as the new northern section broke through to the original main shaft from its starting point in Stoke Newington.

The 2.8 mile extension runs from the West Reservoir in Green Lanes to join the 50-mile long main tunnel at New River Head, by Clissold Park.

It will allow water to be transferred from the Coppermills waterworks in Walthamstow into the Ring Main, as well as being diverted back in the event of major treatment works failure.

Work started on the project in September, 2007, and tunnelling was finally completed on Monday.

The works are part of a £95 million Thames Water programme to meet growing demand by boosting the amount of water the London Ring Main carries across a wider area.

The extension means vast amounts of water will be pumped to affected areas if there’s a major burst main.

The tunnel is now being lined with steel and concrete and connected into the Ring Main, ready to go ‘online’ early next year.


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