Abduction fears after girl, 10, is chased in street


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Abduction fears after girl, 10, is chased in street

02 July 2009
A 10-YEAR-old girl was chased down the street by a man in what is thought to be the fifth case of an attempted abduction since April.

Worried parents fear being kept in the dark about the attacks – seemingly carried out by the same man – claiming nearby schools were not told to warn parents after the latest incident.

The child was approached by a stranger at the junction of Stanhope Road and Claremont Road, Highgate, at about 5pm on Wednesday, June 24, and asked to walk with him.

She ran but was chased for a short distance until he gave up and drove off in a hatchback car.

The man’s description appears to match that of two other attempted kidnappings in Hornsey and Harringay in the last month.

He had blond hair, was aged about 30-35 and wore a dark suit with a red and blue tie with a white handkerchief.

Highgate ward Councillor Rachel Allison, of Claremont Road, whose nine-year-old daughter attends nearby St Michael’s Primary School, said the school was not told of the attempted abduction until five days after it happened.

She said: “I rang the school on Friday and again on Monday but they didn’t know anything about it.

“As a parent you’re extremely concerned and you just want to be kept informed.

“You need to be able to say to your children that they need to be on the lookout. It’s not that you keep them under wraps but you have to be aware of the situation.

“The schools need to know because it could very well be the same person.”

It follows four other reports of attempted kidnappings in the Hornsey and Harringay area involving children aged between nine and 13.

Police are urging parents to tell their children to plan their journeys, avoid deserted short cuts, stop wearing headphones and stay alert.

A Haringey police spokeswoman said: “We advise all children, as part of our schools programme, on what to do if approached by a stranger. his message appears to be effective in that the reports we have received show they followed the advice and have done everything they were supposed to.”

Police do not believe the recent attacks are carried out by the same person adding investigations are still ongoing.

A council spokesman said: “The police are investigating and they have not asked us to issue a Schools Safe alert.

“An alert was issued recently asking schools to be extra vigilant.


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