Neglect is hurting street, say residents


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Neglect is hurting street, say residents
02 July 2009
ALMOST 100 people have signed a petition calling for a boost for a boost for one of Finsbury Park’s most interesting high streets.

People living in the Stroud Green Road area of Finsbury Park say its diversity, lively cafes and pubs and rich variety of restaurants make it one of the area’s hidden gems.

They have even created a slogan “Finsbury Park – only two stops from Paris! ” to try to unleash the area’s potential – but they say the council is letting it fall into wrack and ruin.

Nadina Hopper, 54, a psychologist who lives in Regina Road, said: “People come from far and wide to meet in Stroud Green Road due to its wonderful transport links and range of reasonable, unpretentious social meeting venues.

“Where else along one road in Islington can you find two of the best pizza restaurants outside of Rome, a bohemian Turkish bistro, a south Indian vegetarian café, a pancake house, a far eastern restaurant, an Indonesian eating place, a south American canteena and a historical pub and eaterie?

“But it has had little attention or investment over the years and is falling into a state of shabby disrepair that is becoming a blight on the area.”

Ms Hooper has now written to Islington Council leader Terry Stacy demanding a list of improvements. “Stroud Green Road is a wonderful and truly diverse area where people get on with each other,” said Ms Hooper. “It should be celebrated and cared for.”

A council spokeswoman said said: “Islington Council street-sweepers visit Stroud Green Road daily. Our refuse and recycling collections in the area also take place seven days a week. Stroud Green Road also benefits from a dedicated street environment officer, provided by the council. Since April, the council’s street environment officers have undertaken seven blitzes on Stroud Green Road to tackle problems with littering, dog fouling and fly-tipping in the immediate area.

“The council contributes financially to FinFuture – a community-led organisation created to enhance the quality of life in Finsbury Park – which, among other services, funds a Cleaner Greener Safer Team committed to improving Stroud Green Road.


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