20mph zone plea for kids’ safety

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20mph zone plea for kids’ safety

31 July 2009

HARINGEY Council should clamp down on thundering traffic by cutting speed limits along a “narrow residential road” from 30mph to 20mph, say campaigners.A petition signed by 240 residents has been gathered by Liberal Democrat councillors Karen Alexander and Carolyn Baker, demanding the speed reduction in narrow Wightman Road – which runs parallel to Green Lanes between Finsbury Park and Turnpike Lane, Hornsey.

The road passes two schools, a mosque and two churches, and residents are concerned that drivers’ speeds and the number of heavy lorries make it unsafe for children and cyclists in particular.

Last week councillors Alexander and Baker handed their petition to council transport bosses.

Councillor Alexander said: “We are very glad that so many local residents have supported our campaign.

“This shows the level concern that local residents have for the safety of children, pedestrians and cyclists using Wightman Road.”

Councillor Baker added: “We now need the council to seriously consider reducing the speed limit on this busy road. Local residents clearly support a reduction.”

Councillor Brian Haley, Labour cabinet member for environment, said: “We have earmarked £100,000 to spend in this area on traffic issues and we will consult with residents to see how they prefer this to be spent. The call for a

20 mph road is recent and we will need to look into this.


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