’30 bullets’ fired into sports store with machine gun

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’30 bullets’ fired into sports store with machine gun

12 August 2009

MACHINE gun fire rang out across a busy street on Tuesday night as two men sprayed bullets into a shop.Up to 30 shots were fired at a sportswear store with no name in Seven Sisters Road, close to the junction with Yonge Park, Finsbury Park, at 9.20pm.

Armed officers raced to the scene but the gunmen had disappeared by the time they arrived. Miraculously, no-one was hurt – but the shop was left littered with bullet holes.

A male eyewitness said: “I was sitting in a car and heard about 27 to 30 shots. I knew it was a type of sub-machine gun straight away because I used to be in the army.

“As soon as I heard it I ducked down. When the shooting stopped I came out and had a look. The shopfront was riddled with about 30 bullet holes.

“I don’t know how many people were in the shop at the time but they ran out. Then I heard another couple of shots ring out towards Isledon Road and then another shot by Finsbury Park station.”

He added: “A guy who actually saw the shooting said that two men had come down with hoodies on. They walked up Seven Sisters Road and calmly stood in front of the shop, got out their weapons and sprayed the whole shop front with bullets.”

Paul Delappe, area panel representative for the neighbouring Six Acres Estate, said: “I was absolutely petrified because my boys had just gone round to the kebab shop. They heard the shots and came running back saying ‘there’s been a drive-by’.”

Witnesses say it is not the first time the store has been targeted in recent weeks.

A second eyewitness said: “Two months ago when it was a barber’s shop some people drove by and shot at it then too.

“The day before Tuesday’s shooting at about 11pm there was a fight on that side of the road involving about eight people and baseball bats. These people are maniacs.”

A police spokesman said: “We responded to reports of gunshots in Seven Sisters road at 9.20pm. Evidence of shots was found but no victims have made themselves known to police. Inquiries are ongoing.


One Comment Add yours

  1. p delappe says:

    plans on the six acres will bring these organised gangs on to our estate how long before a local resident is killed by these thugs more to the point does anyone care????
    no one in office does thats for sure dispersal orders dont work on organised crime

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