‘Drugs’ shooting shocks estate

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‘Drugs’ shooting shocks estate

13 August 2009
PAUL DELAPPE outside Fallowfield: ""Estate is bad for drugs
PAUL DELAPPE outside Fallowfield: “”Estate is bad for drugs

A MAN was shot in the head for his BMW and three mobile phones just yards from people’s front doors.Detectives are investigating whether last Thursday’s shooting – during which the victim narrowly escaped with his life – was a drug deal gone wrong.

Worried residents claim that the Six Acres Estate, off Durham Road, Finsbury Park, is rife with users and pushers – and that two other shootings have also taken place in the past two years. Neither the victim nor his attackers were from the block, which has had thousands spent on security measures designed to stop non-residents gaining access. The shooting took place at about 8.45pm inside the estate’s Fallowfield block.

The 23-year-old South London victim was in a stairwell when he was assaulted by two handgun-wielding robbers. One of them pistol-whipped him before taking his phones and car keys. The other shot him in the head. Then they fled in the victim’s grey BMW 1-Series, which still has not been found.

The victim was taken to hospital where the bullet was removed. He has since been discharged and is expected to make a full recovery.

A police source confirmed that they were looking into whether the shooting was a drug deal gone wrong. He said: “Drugs is certainly one line of inquiry that we are pursuing.”

Islington police deny that Six Acres is a lawless area – but on Tuesday they brought in a dispersal zone giving them the power to break up groups of troublemakers gathering on the estate.

People living in Fallowfield insist that more must be done to specifically tackle the drug problem.

Paul Delappe, area panel representative for the Six Acres Estate, said: “This estate is very bad for drugs. Kids of 14 or 15 stand in the stairways selling drugs.

“They are dealing crack, heroin, everything. They have done all the security work but we don’t feel any safer.”

Chief Superintendent Wise said: “There have been concerns about youths from neighbouring estates congregating in the area but we have been banning them with injunctions, we have a dispersal order and we are working to put in place activities to keep young people occupied through the summer.

The suspects are black, about 5ft 7ins to 5ft 11ins tall and aged about 20. Anyone who can help should call Trident on 020 8733 4774 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


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  1. p delappe says:

    sadly the dispersal orders that are meant to reasure residents are merely a seen to be doing something blurb from people how have no idea how to combat the drug gangs whom are flooding the local estates with drugs and drug runners, the disaffected youths on our estates are easy prey for those monsters and the problems will only grow if nothing is done to show our local youths that we all care there are no local youth clubs with easy access for our kids apart from those on fortress andover whom seem to have facilities in abundance when will anybody do something about this perhaps when a few of our children are caught in the crossfire of the obvious gang war thats in full tilt on the seven sisters road.
    things will with out doubt become much worse when the new road planned brings the fued in the heart of the estate.

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