This blog is dedicated to Finsbury Park N4 – London (UK).

Finsbury Park is a park, a station and an intersection point between the London Boroughs of Islington, Hackney and Haringey. Finsbury Park is an area that is improving and moving out of “the dark days of the past”. Changing things in the area is a challenge because Finsbury Park is exactly at the corner of the above mentioned Boroughs. Nevertheless we saw a lot of progress in the recent years.

I created this blog to aggregate and share information from the web, the people, the groups and etc. related to Finsbury Park. I offer a space to whoever wants to voice their views, tell us their stories, inform us of events and anything they feel is relevant to the people living in Finsbury Park – N4 area.

There is no business, political, religious or whatsoever hidden goal behind this blog, it’s simply a virtual window or a noticeboard if you like.

To become active member of the blog and write some posts there are two ways:

  1. [Easy] Write your details in the below contact form and I’ll send you an invitation;
  2. [Tricky] Register to WordPress via the login page. Then you need to play a bit around to become writer for the blog. However I need to authorise you.

The choice is yours and feel free to feedback the blog topics using the comments.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. brownswoodcouncillors says:

    This is a lost less user-friendly than blogger. Have registered and spent some time trying to spot where to post. Now giving up!

  2. finsburypark says:


    I’ve enabled you as contributor. You need to write an e-mail to the above address to be enabled, nothing new on that as this is the same in other web sites/blogs.

    I hope you can use the blog without any problem now. Any more issue, let me know.

  3. alistairj says:

    Nice title picture on the blog but surely it should be a picture of Finsbury Park!

  4. finsburypark says:

    Fair enough, I didn’t spend too much time in sorting out the picture story yet. So today I did and found a good one from this web site (and thanks to the author which I don’t know and hopefully doesn’t mind if I reused the picture for this blog).

  5. Ernesto Priego says:

    cheers, thanks for doing this.

  6. A couple of days ago, on BBC Three in TV show My Weapon is a Dog presented by Rickie Haywood-Williams, Finsbury Park was one of negative here as a place where dogs cruelty occurs.

    I think it may be a good idea to make a blog post about this show as it’s fresh and the subject is interesting. I’d estimate that 50% of dogs I see in the area of Finsbury Park are fighting breed.

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